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Why is this Important?

In 2015, 7,486 cats and 10,329 dogs were taken into the AAC in Austin, TX. Approximately 3.4 million cats and 3.9 million dogs enter shelters in America each year.

Each year, these numbers continue to grow. The Austin Animal Center (AAC) in Austin, TX receives a range of animals each day from cats and dogs to foxes and turtles. At The Austin Animal Center, the goal is to place adoptable animals in forever homes through adoptions, foster care or rescue partner groups. Sadly, the excess amount of animals that pour through the shelters each day don't always find a home. It's important for the public to be aware and educated on animal homelessness in order to prevent it in the future. The AAC promotes humane, compassionate treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

Intake Types


When an animal is brought into the Austin Animal Center as a stray, this means that animal control has captured or rescued an animal. Strays are brought in at the highest capacity and are usually lost pets.


animals were brought in as strays in 2015


animals were surrendered by owner in 2015

Owner Surrendered

For various reasons, some owners bring their pets into the shelter to give them up or "return" them after a prior adoption. The reasons could be from housing issues or other training/safety issues in a residency.

Public Assist

When an animal is brought in and classified as 'public assist' intake, this means that any public citizen has found or rescued an animal and is bringing it in for shelter or to be nurtured back to health after an injury.


animals were brought in by the public in 2015


wildlife were captured/rescued in 2015


Surprisingly, not just cats and dogs can be brought into the Austin Animal Center. Animals from foxes and bats to squirrels and livestock are brought in via wildlife rescuers or park rangers.

Euthanasia Request

Unfortunately, animals don't live forever. At some point, it becomes difficult for animals to live comfortably due to old age or illness. When this happens, owners can request to have their animal put down peacefully.


animals were requested to be euthanized in 2015

Overall Intake Comparisons

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Did You Know...

Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1




Strays are brought into the Austin Animal Center (AAC) every day. Most commonly, cats and dogs are ranked as the highest two animals to come into the shelter. Other surprising animals coming in as strays can be birds, ferrets, rabbits and many more. For both cats and dogs, the number of strays brought in increased between 2014 and 2015. Rabbits, the third highest animal coming in as a stray, decreased after a year. For other types of animals, the increase/decrease ratio varied over years.



Surrendered by Owner

As stated earlier, pets are given up for various reasons. According to the data, the most common animals to be returned to a shelter/given up are cats and dogs. Interestingly enought, guinea pigs are the third highest animal to be given to shelters, with rabbits following fourth highest rank. What the data also happily shows is that the intake of cats and dogs has decreased over a year.





How Can I Help

Adopt or Reclaim your Pet Today!

Very often, animals coming in as strays are missing from their home and can't be properly relocated due to identification not being provided on the animal (tag or microchip). After a certain amount of time, if an animal is not picked up by its owner, the animal will become ready for adoption. It's important to make sure you properly identify your pets so if they get lost they can be relocated to their home.

If you're interested in adoption or reclaiming, please contact Austin Animal Center (512) 978-0500.

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